Sunday, October 5, 2008

1936 Nazi Party Rally at Nuremburg

Today’s image is from the Nazi Party rally in Nuremburg in 1936. The following is from the official Party report afterwards:

The Party Rally of Honor

by Dr. Walther Schmitt

“A clear tradition determines the course of the National Party Congress of the NSDAP. It begins with the ringing of every bell in Nuremberg. The party calls Germany to the great gathering of the Germans and announces simultaneously that the Führer has entered the city. Nuremberg then greets the Führer and the party in the old, splendid city hall. The congress gathers the next day to hear Adolf Hitler's yearly proclamation The Führer reviews what has been accomplished and outlines and gives orders for the future. This annual gathering is a powerful arena in which the energy of the entire people is gathered to set the next goals and receive new direction. The cultural session takes place that evening. Adolf Hitler gives a major speech that expounds on the cultural duties of the movement.”

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